Teaching in China

This summer, I had the pleasure of traveling to Beijing to teach in the summer program at the University of International Business and Economics. For 10 weeks, I taught multiple sections of a couple of survey courses and taught one section of North American cultural history. The majority of the students I taught were Chinese students who attend American universities and were using the summer to get some extra credits that they could transfer back to their home institutions. The enrollment for the cultural history course, however, consisted exclusively of UIBE students as part of an extensive program the school runs where they invite faculty from around the world to teach in their area of specialization, thus giving their students an opportunity to take courses from some leading academics.

Before I left, I recorded an episode of the History Slam podcast with Dorothy Ver Kerk, an art historian from the University of North Carolina. Recorded while we waited for our flight to Toronto at the end of the program, we chat about the challenges of teaching a condensed summer session, some of the highlights of the summer, and how much we enjoyed teaching our UIBE students. We also debate the pros and cons of teaching abroad and discuss my ambivalence towards Chinese beer. You can find the full post here.


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