The Team Homan Pinty’s Commercial

Montreal, QC – The defending Canadian champions are undefeated here at the 2014 Scotties Tournament of Hearts and that performance has been generating a lot of buzz. But their recently released commercial for Pinty’s has also been noteworthy.

The commercial, featuring the foursome of Lisa Weagle, Allison Kreviazuk, Emma Miskew, and Rachel Homan, shows the team socializing in a kitchen as they prepare and eat a meal. The spot has earned mixed reviews, with some describing the feel of the commercial as awkward and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, some have praised the ad for getting away from the skip-centric strategy that dominates curling marketing.

“I think a lot of people like the fact that the whole team was featured in the commercial which is something you don’t always see in curling commercials,” said Weagle, who throws the lead stone for the team out of the Ottawa Curling Club.

According to Weagle, the 30-second ad required a long day for team: “It was about a ten hour day [and] we’ve never done anything like that before.”

Overall, the team is happy with the final result. “Pinty’s has been a great sponsor for us,” Weagle said. “We were happy to shoot the commercial … and have gotten some really positive feedback.”


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